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Yeah, my opinions are just personal preference. I have both a ball python and a corn and would much rather have one ball python then 10 corns. I just find they make better pets. I have never had a bp get stressed because pf excessive handling, nor have I had a corn. But I like to site at my computer with my python around my neck, or lying in my lap. Rather then spending a five minute handling session trying to keep a skinny lil snake from escaping my hands. I like how I can stop and watch a movie and pay no mind to the snake coiled on my stomach. Plus I love the pattern of normal ball pythons, and how cute they look just lying there. Everything about them makes me drool in adoration. LOL, I've gone so far as to build a huge bp sire. . Check out the caresheet to see if a bp is right for you.

But personal preference aside let me break it down. If you want aesthetics in a snake get a corn, probly a morph. If you want something that would be impossible to kill by lack of care get a corn. If you want a pet that you can just forget about for a week and come back and its fine get a corn. If you want something easy to care for corn is the way. Like perfect sheds? Go corn. Want something long and slender? Corn.

On the flip side. If you want a snake you can sit and watch tv or be on the computer with, ball python. If you want somethjing heavy bodied, ball python. If you want a boid that is neither too big nor too small, get a bp. If you want more of a challenge then a mundane corn snake, get a ball python. Ball pythons a simply too wonderful to explain in this paragraph. So get a ball python.
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