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Pro- Almost always good feeders, especially established adults/yearlings. Hatchlings purchased at a decent breeder will also most likely eat anything put in front of them.

Pro- They come in AMAZING variety for relativly low prices for all morphs.

Pro- They are a small species and rarely hit 6 feet. Even then its not that big as they are also slender.

Pro- Simple SIMPLE requirements and less humidity needed than a Ball Python.

Con- THye poop WAY more than Ball Pythons! That's about the only con!

Ball Python
Pro- Poop much less than corns! LOL
Pro- Very slow moving normally calm docile snake. Even the most friendly corn will still enjoy moving in your hands CONSTANTLY. Balls do this but are most likely content to just sit there a lot of the time.
Pro- Small snake. Fatter than corns but males don't often get longer than four feet.

Con- Yes Balls can be picky feeders BUT you can eliminate this con by simply purchasing only CB pythons from good breeders.

I keep both and love both for different reasons. But my first was a corn.

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