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A future DEAD snake- my first rant

Well today I had to undergo the brutal reign of a kid who is the son of my moms friend. Well he was telling me about how he just got back from the Shuswap BC and brought home a foot and a quarter lon garter snake in a margarine container and how hes going to keep it as a pet. Basicly the second i heard that I felt bad for the little guy, 8 hours in a margarine container...He went on to tell me what he plans on keeping it in and my jaw dropped.

Well last year he had a leopard gecko that lived for maby a month and died because it was impacted, he was laughing his butt off when he told me this because in his words it died from constapation. Well then he told me after it died he never cleaned out his 10 gallon tank and it is filled with gravel..yes, gravel and poop that is completely hardenend and he is not even going to bother cleaning it because he says it will take too long. So therefore he will just put the snake in it. Then he started to tell me that he hears they eat pinkey mice and thinks they cost too much, so he will have his snake consist on a diet of daddy long leg spiders and worms. I was like, a daddy long leg spider? their entire body is like a quarter of a centimetre long that has no nutrition, and he was like yeah but I will give the snake a few. So i basicly said if you dont feed it mice its gonna die, worms and spiders have no nutrition and he need more then that. So I guess this little snake is gonna have a delicious treat of about 3 spiders a day.

Well after all that he had to go so im pretty upset that he blew off all my advice like that. Well my mom is makin me hang out with him again tomorrow ( I think its coz he has no friends, im 15..hes 13) so what should I say to him?

Thanks, Jeff Terborg
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