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I dont know who deleted your post and in fact your post shouldnt have been deleted unless it was a personal attack, etc... In fact nothing is supposed to be deleted period... Its to be moved to another forum. We ban, kick, move threads etc for our members, not for our own personal gain etc. The same treatment would be taken if you were being attacked by another member of the forums. If someone calls me ugly or says my snakes harbor parasites (examples) or whatever it may be, they are not banned... Really i could care less. But if there are problems in the community involving members of the site regardless of my relationship with them, they will be delt with and the action that will be taken is relative to the problem at hand discussed by our team of moderators. If you post was erased Chuck, I will be check the logs and see who deleted it and ask them why it was deleted. The point is our team does the best job they can to bring you the best and most user friendly enviroment for you to share your knowledge / experiences without the negativity and other BS that forums online are filled with. We are human and we do the best we can, if thats not good enough then theres not much more we can do!! is offline  
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