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update on Rogue.....

thank you for all the wishful emails and the support from this community. Means alot when things are bad. Rogue is eating on her own now, and the seizuring seems to have stopped. She goes in this Thursday to get further bloodwork done to determine the extent of the liver damage she has received. Whether or not she needs meds for the duration of her life doesn't matter at this point. We are lucky to still have her.
On a brighter note. My husband was devastated with this ordeal, and couldn't handle me being so down about Keigan. He was on the phone for two days secretively, and this little guy was delivered to me from Texas!! He is a fully registered Am. staff
and we have named him Diesel. Fits him well as he is absolutely clueless to pain from running into things. Rogue is still in a depression after not having her buddy Keigan around, but hopefully in time, this little guy will grow on her and become her new best friend.
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