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Where to start !!!
*Horse : Scheherazod (teller of the Arabian Nights Tales).
*Dogs : North (already named), Scrappy (already named) & Keesha (daughter named).
*Cats : Sassy (daughter named) & Arnold Schwartzenneger (a huge fluffy, whimpy tomcat).
*Rabbits : Bunny (daughter named) & Stewart Little (already named).
*Chinchillas : Emily & Lisa (R.I.P.Lisa)(both named by my daughter).
*Hamsters : White Cloud & Ruby Red (R.I.P.Ruby)(both my daughter's).
*Red-eared sliders : Gus & Chase (already named).
*American/Fowler's toad : Timmy (named by daughter).
*Corn snakes : Larriatta, Curlie & Moe (I'll take the blame here !).
*Goldfish : Goldy, Bubbles, PJ, Pearl, Mr.Calico, Buster, Leo & Bobby. (named by both of us).
*African dwarf frogs : Hopper & Leaper (named by daughter).
*Loaches : Flash, Hide, Bozo, Chuckles & Smiles. (guilty).
*Snails : all named Snail. (guilty).
*Platties : Sunset & Dusk. (guilty).
*Mollies : Spic, Span & Silver. 9guilty).
*Swordtails : No & Maybe (long story).
HOW TO .....
grow snakes in Nova Scotia

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