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Shepherd/Husky Mix - "Kelly"
Timneh Grey Parrot - "Buddy"
Desert King - Tigre
Albino Desert King - Willy
Albino Striped Cal King - Ruby
Chocolate Phase - Striped Cal King - Hershey
Chocolate Phase - Banded Cal King - Mars
Thayers Variable King - Cleo
Hypo Brooksi King - Baggins
Pueblan Milk - Oreo
Tangerine Honduran Milk - Gandalf (our big boy)
Corn Snake - Froto
High Yellow Ball Python - Goldie
CH Ball Python - Carneigh
CH Ball Python - Lucy (was Lucky, as this is the one I nursed back to health)
High Gold Ball Python - Bonnie
Ball Python - Clyde, gonna have to change this though Clyde turned out to be a girl
Sonoran Gopher Snake - Freddy
Bairds Rat Snake - Pepper
Red Tail Boa - Noah
Kenyan Sand Boa - Little Piggy
Kenyan Sand Boa (if this one makes it) - Worm
Original Rats - Fred, Wilma and Betty (RIP-Betty, you are a good little mommy)
and the original offspring from the rats - "The Kids"
All other rats and mice...."food"

There's the whole Fam Damily .. Until the next acquisition..


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