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Well here's my 3 cents (yes 3 )

I am by far no animal rights activist and I dont love all animals. I can tolerate most but some (ie HAMSTERS) really get under my skin. As far as hybridization, I think it's cruel to the animal and should not be done. We already "play god" via incubation times, breeding times, captive environment etc, but this is fairly harmless if taken repsonsibly. In my opinion, hybridization is just a line that shouldnt be crossed. We [the human race] are already using genetics to our advantage in creating something NEW as Aztec Fred stressed. The list is already rising with new hybrids such as the wolf/german shephard, why add something else? Before you know it we'll be seeing OctoParrots and IguanaRats in the pet stores. Hybridization is just another line that in my opinion should not be crossed.
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