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You can call it a message board if you wish, but to most of us this is a community. When members of the community are hurt continuously by someone they will be removed regardless of who feels it should not happen. People have the right to say whatever they wish your right, but if they want to bring negativity to our community they will be asked to stop, if they continue they will be asked again, and again and then they will be removed. There are a ton of other places to post that are unmoderated and if thats a persons cup of tea then they can post there. This has always been a community atmosphere and it continue to be so. We have a very small list of about 5 people who have been banned, just some have continued to register under various aliases and then eventually have there IP banned. We ban people as a last resort. But as long as people dont know how to be civil, people will always be banned. Period. is offline