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Being Canadian has nothing to do with it. For Instance, AOL has a set of Terms Of Service (TOS) rules that their Thousands upon thousands of members must abide by or their accounts get suspended and in some cases canceled. Our TOS rules are set and we expect our members to abide by them. If you read them over, they're really not that bad. SCreptiles, i see where you are coming from, but if someone was verbally attacking you on our forums, would you want everyone reading it? Or would you rather that one of our Moderators took down? We dont ban people at the drop of a dime, there is a process that is followed. Any member that breaks the TOS is given a warning, if they continue to break it, then it results in a temperary down time or a full out Ban. We're not going through the forums looking for the next person to ban. We all enjoy reading everyone's posts and taking part in threads with everyone. This is infact a family site so really, there is no place for the few people who come here just to tell someone else that their questions are crap and then proceed to put them down because of what they ask.. Or the people that come here just to cause flame wars, and i think we're a great community because of it!!.
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