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Originally posted by SCReptiles
I have noticed a few people who show banned in their level space. What does one do to be banned from an Internet forum? Just seems illogical to me.
What is illogical about removing a member that is being a highly dysfunctional member and causing a lot of problems and creating an unfriendly environment?

Originally posted by Bryce Masuk
Yes as a matter of a fact I have been banned on other boards.... for basicly explaining to a mod the fact that his hummer Was a overhyped P.O.S. I even did it kindly but He knew I was Completely right and had to defend himself but he couldnt prove what I had said was wrong so it was his only option....
Well the mods here at are the furthest thing from that. We keep our personal feelings out of it, and everyone is given ample chance to change what they are doing that threatens their posting priveleges on the site. Also, for the most part when a member is banned it is not the decision of one mod or admin, but a team decision
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