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hehe i love this debate...........ok if we all came fro adam and eve....there for we all came from cain and able....hmmm 2 killled the other leaving one men. Cain goes to the land of nod i think to find his wife. hmmmm hmmmmm where did the ol wifey come from?? See when i was 10 i asked that to my preacher after he stammered and mumbled a few things he walked away.

Two things we did not desend from the same pair. It is immpossible.

second the bible is so incompleate that it can actually be more fictional than fact. But honestly how do we know. Considering it was put together by a group of monks.

first if you are going to follow something blindly please dont use it in an argument with people who may have actually researched different religions and i dont know all i have just done a lil research.

second dont follow blindly try asking a few questions perhaps you might actually learn something.

third. This is a Herp forum. There is really no reason to bring up religion.

Sorry for my rant, but sheesh it had to be said.
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