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Missing Python Slithers Out of Dutch Toilet Bowl


Missing Python Slithers Out of Dutch Toilet Bowl
Fri Jul 11, 9:55 AM ET

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - A pet python missing over the last two months made its reappearance by scaring a Dutch woman when it slithered out of her toilet bowl.

The constrictor snake, which kills its prey by coiling around it and squeezing, had been on the loose for more than two months after breaking out of its terrarium in a town near the port city of Rotterdam, Dutch news agency ANP said on Thursday.

As police and vets came to catch the two-meter long fugitive python, it slid under a bathtub that they had to demolish to capture it.

The snake was returned to its owner, but local residents were unhappy to hear the owner admit that a second pet python, this one almost one-meter long, had also escaped and was still on the loose
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