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Rebecca, sorry to hear of the death in your family. If you are making a trip to Edmonton, there are the usual PJ's, PetSmart and SuperPet stores located around town. There are multiple locations and they stock reptiles, but be cautious about dealing with them - generally a lack of knowledge and frequently animals with problems.

As Mike says, I can highly recommend the Reptile Gallery - this is a home based business run by a very experienced herper. He has excellent quality stock - various snakes and lizards and is great to deal with - extremely knowledgeble. His business hours are different each week, but phone the business at 780-905-7789 for a recording of hours and weekly specials. We got some exceptional snakes from him, and others on this forum have dealt with him too.

PM me if you want any further details or directions to places -

mary v.
Mary VanderKop
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