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I'm sorry about your loss and feel deeply for you. However I don't feel this is the place for these petitions, it is political and NOT herp related. As for the issue of keeping her in jail or not, it's 7-25 years, which means she's already served the required time. It may not be a just sentance, but it's the one the judge and jury handed out. If you don't like it you should put your energy to fixxing the system, not try to keep some one who has served the required time in the system, draining your public funds that could be used to do something positive. The whole idea behind the criminal system is once they've served their time they're supposed to have paid their debt to society, not keep paying it over and over and over. Fix the system that allowed her to get sentanced for manslaughter rather then first or second degree murder. If you don't want people that are convicted murderers walking the streets vote for a manatory death sentance.
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