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We used to feed all our snakes in a feeding enclosure. then as our collection grew it was adding and adding to the time required to feeding. we would also be cleaning the same tank over and over to prevent the transfering of any bacteria which was taking time too and if we had missed a spot it was potentialy dangerous to the snakes. (it also gave the snakes a feeding response to the smell of vinigar)

Now, we only put snakes that share an enclosure in seperate containers, and each one has its own container. The only exception to this is a snake that was traumatised by it's previous owner that fed it live and had an accident, it won't feed in it's enclosure and thus we have a rubbermaid set aside for her.

Now I do notice that when i do put a snake in it's feeding container there is a feeding response, but not until they are in the container.
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