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Oh my god Beth!!!!!!! I am so sorry that you lost your baby cause of some stupid idiot. Why on earth would anyone want to hurt them? He was the sweetest dog too. I know how you feel cause we lost our dog just before Christmas to cancer. It took one week for the symptoms to lead to death, and there was never any chance that we could have saved him. Now i am crying. I wish I knew what to say to make you feel better. I just can;t get over how cruel people can really be. I feel like getting sick! I hope Rogue pulls through 100% and that you can find the person responsible. Can't believe the police - 'better things to do'. Makes me even sicker! A kid steals a candy bar and off to jail he goes, someone blatantly kills a defensless animal and it's no big deal. BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!! Again I am so sorry Beth. I hope you and your family feel better very, very soon. TTYL
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