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Beth i am so sorry about keigan and i hope rouge gets better soon. I really hope you find the a@@*#%$ who did this. rouge is in my prayers.

I too was in the same place you were a about 6 years ago. I had a black lab, nicest dog ever, and she rarely ever barked. She was in my fenced in back yard. And somebody in the neighborhood poisened her with anti-freeze. It was a terrible site to see. This happend 2 times. then finally someone kidnapped her and i called every where looking to see if they had her (dogpounds) . No place had her. Then finally after about 4 months went by i found out that one of the pounds had her and they were told not to let the owner know because the dog had been abused. She was put to sleep. I found out this happend to 3 more people in my area. This highly pissed me off that someone had the nerve to do this just because they didn't like animals. ( we never found out who)
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