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Growing up in my aunt's home my cousin was in vet. school and had a virtual reptile farm in the basement, monitors, geckos etc. etc. though also being from the northern part of the country, I wasn't exposed to that many reptiles in the wild... also had a definite nervousness coupled with curiousity towards snakes. Moving to NC proved quite educational as there are just a couple of different varieties of snakes - especially the venomous variety. That was a new experience!

My love affair started when my wife and I visited a local pet store and I handled my first snake; California King and then shortly thereafter a Normal Corn Snake. I fell in love... and wanted one for about a year or so. We started off with fish - Jack Dempsey Cichlids to be exact... then traded them for the Arowanna... but it still didn't satisfy my snake fetish until I broke down and picked out a Ball Python and brought her home... if ever there was in international ambassador for reptiles.. Lilith is it. Calm and very mild mannered; she got me hooked. That and a wife that has a ton of herp experience to point out the mistakes ahead of time... better to make the wrong fast movement with a docile ball python than say a reticulated! It all got rolling there and then we had to get one for our daughter - a beautiful Snow Corn and then the Male Ball and then the Milk snake pair... and now either a pair of Bloods or Rainbows are in the plans for the future.

I have never been around such a fascinating creature... I love all of our animals, Dogs, Parrot, Fish.... but the Snakes get me every time.

I am such a sucker.

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