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I'm dead against taking herps outside, especially if they will be visible to neighbours or any member of the general public. I couldn't begin to tell you how many people end up in hot water over this. You need to respect that we are weird, and the rest of the world isn't.We're the minority and always will be.
The majority are not comfortable seeing herps, it terrifies many people, and exposing non herpers to the sight of large lizards and snakes especially, can have the bylaw or animal control at your door quicker than you can dial 911.
Plus beware that sunlight can make herps abnormally hyper and fast, and aggressive.. Every summer we have something in the papers or on the nightly news about Iguanas up trees or boas sneaking in someones open window....
Such stories have a negative effect on all exotic keepers.
Also of concern, UV can be tough on the eyes of herps that are ground or canopy dwellers and not used to it, not to mention lawn sprays, fertilizers and other toxins, plus there is a heightened chance of respiratory problems if herps get exposed to the elements, especially wind.
My vote
Keep em inside, at all times!! It keeps the animals safe, and you out of trouble with the locals
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