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I agree with you, Meg. I felt the same way, not about others, but about myself. I would love to breed my Girlie because she is so beautiful and has a sweet temperment to boot. I know the responsibilities involved, so I got a job to support my habit. Going to school and working, in addition to the rescue and rehabilitation I do is really exausting but someday I hope to find the perfect male to fullfill my dreams. (The male that Girl was going to be bred to, after Darwin died, turned out to have worms too! Good thing I made that guy get his leo a check-up!) There are so many people out there who realize how popular leos are and I feel like they want to get into the business for profit, which is fine, so long as the animals are cared for properly. I personally want to breed my Girl because I want something that is from HER. I don't want to sell, or try to make profits from the babies that result. People don't see how costly it is to run a full-scale operation, and how much harder it is to try and make a profit, nontheless. Good topic!
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