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I totally hear you on everything. I really with I could take this fellows offer but I worry about feeding costs and energy costs especially. However it's really something I want to get into but I'm afraid I will get in over my head. 200 is not a lot of money at all for what he is offering, it's all the commitment that goes with it that's hard to handle. He's got a tangering and patternless breeding groups, both morphs I'm really interested in but then of course there is a matter of where all the babies will go. I think my concern is that everyone and their uncle has become a breeder and I wonder if people should think through breeding the animals if they can really handle them.

I myself am feeling a bit overwhelmed about the 6 Leo eggs I have in the oven. I've only hatched two so far and I have the means to care for all of the babies for life if I have to but I've realized what a commitment is and that I'm not ready for it. I guess I just feel like people should "Think before they breed".
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