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Right now is the season for a lot of people to be hatching babies. Between the previous years holdbacks & all the new offspring expected, it is nessicary to downsize in order to make room for the new. People with larger collections also tend to rotate their specimens more often as certain species are easily bred & you move on to more difficult species as your experience grows. You find that you can't keep everything, it's just not practical. Between lack of room/time & costs of maintaining a larger collection, one must "release" animals to make things work.
There is of course those people who can't seem to live within their means also. It is easy for some to aquire a lot of specimens, but then not so easy for them to take care of them. One must remember that these animals require time, space & money and will consider to do so for quite some time.
It always sucks to sell off your former "favourites", but they will become someone elses "favourites" to enjoy when you choose to pass them off to the right people. Mark
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