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Really bad B flick movie? its WORSE than that and REAL!!

People arent hybrids,Lisa. They are ALL from the same species, homo sapiensDomestic cats and dogs arent hybrids either, they are all emanateing from a single species. An example of a true hybrid is a domestic cat crossed with an ocelot. Or perhaps a domestic dog crossed with a coyote or fox. Or a person crossed with a gorilla. THAT is hybridization.

Often people cross animals that are the same type and species, but the wrong locality, i.e. a boa constrictor from Argentina with a bioa constrictor from Suriname. NOW..both these snakes are both boas, but they are from two separate localities that would NEVER, ever come in contact with each other.
So waht do we do?
WE MAKE them come in contact with each other and give them no other choice of boas to mate with.

We force them to have no choices but the ones we select.

So they breed
And they produiced hybrids.

YES, they are both boas
No, they are diffrent in terms of heat and requirements and enviornmen

That sums it up

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