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Well i have alot of pets, I have 2 dogs the one is a female(german shepherd/ Rottweiler) mix. And her son is( German sheperd/ Rottweiler/ Chow Chow/ Golden retriever) mix. I have 3 cats,2 ducks, 1 Rabbit, 1 oscar fish, 6 Dumbo rats, 7 Gerbils, 5 wild mice babies that my one female rat is raising. And thats just the pets that are mine. My mom has 1 dog, he is also my dogs son. my mother also has 2 cats and a hamster that was supposed to be snake food be she fell in love with it. And my sister has 1 dog ( Chow Chow/ golden retriever) mix, Yes my sister's dog and my dog got together one day and made us 10 puppies, we had to keep 2 of them they were to cute. My sister also has a cat that just had 4 kittens. As for my dad he's not much of an animal lover, But he has to deal with me being one so i think that he's learning Well i think thats all, i hope i havent forgot anyone
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