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Just remember that latex is a very complicated protein and that it can cause life-threatening allergies in humans and animals alike! I'm on disability because of a latex allergy and I"ve seen animals go into anaphylactic shock from it too. I've had my heart stop because of being in the same building where latex is in use, I don't even have to be in the same room.

Most of the large vet clinics I know stopped using latex back in 1997 when the NIOSH studies came out and latex use was discouraged by the US federal government.

The more you use latex, the more likely you
are to develop an allergy, particularly if you already have allergies to cross-reactive proteins.

It took 18 years of use before I became allergic. There is no treatment but total latex avoidance. I've rehabbed reptiles that suffer from latex allergy so I know that the risk is not just for humans alone.

So of course I don't recommend using latex gloves.
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