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SB, can’t really put a positive spin on them leaving a timber in a 10 gallon for the general public to pick up and drop. But I am just sick and tired of venomous keepers continually bitching about everyone else who has a venomous snake. There needs to be a sense of community and there isn’t. Experienced keepers need to answer questions directly and honestly and they don’t. That bothers me. Not only on this board, but all of them and in person as well. Take note of when a young herpers asks a question. For example, “I am about to purchase my first hot. What do you feel is the safest cage.” Instead of an answer, all you will see is “if you have to ask a question like that you don’t need one.” “Stick to corn snakes you are not ready.” That is total crap! And I am sick to death of all the negativity. That same guy Joe wrote about asked me how to get the cobra out of the pillow case and into a cage. Now, of course I would rather he have not gotten the cobra, but he had already bought it and was heading home. I gave him the best instructions I could, but I know he is in trouble. Many would have just told him he was stupid and left him alone. I even gave him my home phone number and told him to call if he ran into problems. We need more of that in venomous herpiculture. (Not the cobra in the pillow case, we need less of that, but more of the willingness to help rather then dispersions.)
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