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I worked security at the venomous show in Bristol two weekends ago. To say that only experienced hot keepers come to these shows is way off the mark. I had vendors putting cobras in pillow cases and wanting me to carry them through a show with two hundred men, women and children walking around. (I refused) I carried out a gaboon viper, two cobras and a copperhead in deli cups for a seventeen year old kid that told his mother he was coming to get a ball python. One guy even asked me how to get his new bought cobra out of the pillow case when he got it home. Is this responsible hot keeping?????? These snakes did not come from small local pet stores. They came from highly respected hot keepers and sellers. The best in the nation. I only ran across one venomous vendor that even asked the customer questions about experience and age before he would sell them a venomous snake. These small family owned pet stores have only learned from the what we consider “the best in the business”. Why not use the same methods, if they work for the best??? You want to start policing venomous keepers and venders start at the top not the bottom. Things flow downhill. Quit buying from the “knucklehead professionals” that only care about the money. Teach these smaller business the way it should be done. I was greatly disappointed in the vendors at Bristol and how irresponsible some were. Before you blast this pet store think about how many snakes you have carried home in deli cups. What is good for one of us is good for the other.
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