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These pictures were taken by me, all of them are mine mine. If you want copies send me an email and I'll send you the whole picture (which will be alot bigger).. If you just want these tiny things feel free to right click and save, just don't EVER try and say they are your pix, I only signed 2 of them.

sorry the top 2 are kinda blury, but I posted them anyway.
The top one looks like a tree frog, I didn't know we have tree frogs in Canada. The rest are toads I'm guessing..

I was suprized to see all the wildlife I saw. I'm aslo suprized people still seem to be holding a grudge against me cause of......

bwahahahahhahahah. So nice and liberal of you. Some kid posts a couple pix of a bull frog in a net and everyone pats him on the back. I post pictures of REAL amphibians (and one snake) as they wander untouched through the forest, and no one has anything to say.

Ah well, I am a rock I guess, or an island. Maybe a tree.

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