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Trevor, If one advocates the keeping of venomous reptiles, one must necessarily advocate the selling and transporting of venomous reptiles. Most dealers at venomous shows will have all their venomous snakes on display inside of deli cups with tapes on lids. It is the industry standard practice. It is effective and inexpensive. Gladeís Herp, Hank Molt, Roark Ferguson all had their venomous set up in Bristol with taped deli cups. The truth is, the timber in question here, was probably still in the container he was shipped in. From the account yesterday, the snake was taped in a carrying/selling case and inside of a display case, which would have kept him from the general public. If that is true, that is a normal procedure and no, I donít see that as an accident waiting to happen. If in deed, this snake is left completely unattended while the general public was in the shop, then yes of course that is bad protocol. As for your other question, yes I would keep it that way if the buyer was coming shortly to pick it up. As for our collection, they are in a locked building and inside of locked cages inside that building. I fear ignorant people opening the cages more then I fear the snakes escaping those cages. As for being in a pet shop set up for venomous, Animal Adventures in Bristol, VA has all there venomous well locked up out of public reach.
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