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Coy, not knowing the kid I canít make a call on if he should have access to venomous reptiles or not. I do know that Mike Wade, Jim Harrison, Anthony Gay and myself all were field working with rattlesnakes before we were 12. I think Mike caught his first copperhead at age 7. Based on what I read yesterday, it seems he had been shown the proper way to do things. He never attempted to get it out. If the store doesnít usually carry venomous, then it would be something unusual and most people would do just what he did and point it out to you. Venomous keepers are the most negative bunch you have ever seen. Watch what they do whenever and aspiring venomous keeper asks a question. Sometimes it just makes me sick. If you had posted this in the venomous forum, they would have been all over it saying every negative thing they could, and they will anyway if they get wind of it. But if the snake was securely away from the public and he wasnít trying to get it out, then I have no problem with it. Now, today I read that he left the shop for awhile. If the general public had easy access to the snake while he was gone, I would have a problem with that.
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