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A fun day at work!

Hey .. just though I'd share...

My day at work started great .. I was cleaning the cage of one of our retic (9 feet or so and vicious as hell). he kept striking full blown at me .. i had a dust pan to stop the bite. He hit it a few times and on the fourth or so strike he broke the middle of the pan lol I could not beleive it. managed to bite me .. Lucky i was wearing a glove (wich I generally never do) but I still got a fairly bloody hand .. some side teeth got me on the arm. Lol I loved it!

~ Then We got someone who brough a CROCODILE MONITOR!!!! for us to sex.. I was so excited .. I managed to get him out - keep trying to bite the hell outta me. He was 5 feet long and very vicious. As i was getting him out of the pillow case (I was holding his head .. My boss went to close and got her finger bitten .. bad cut! The monitor was amazing!

I had to share as I had just too much fun!

And to top it off .. I just got a 3 fooot water monitor given to me this evening! (vicious though)

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