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Originally posted by SCReptiles
Please give me a feasible scenario in which this lady’s burm could escape and do any wide scale environmental damage?
BWAHAHA! Burms escape all the time! They are strong and lots of times are put into enclosures not designed to contain them. Accidents happen. It's always a possibility. You still have yet to address the fact that WHEN the government finds out about the animals (and they will find out, awfully hard to hide a burm during a sun soak. Especially if Hawaiians know the laws, the minute the animal is spotted it will be reported) they will be removed from the home and very likely killed. What good does that do anyone? Is it really worth the risk of damage to the environment AND death of the animals when she could just find good LAWFUL homes for them, perhaps even temporarily until they return to the mainland. Not to mention that we're dealing with a member of the military here. Think of the ramifications if it were discovered her fiance broke such a law.

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