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Well, I got to meet a few people that came up to my table and saw some that I couldn't flag down or get their attention. lol. I also got to walk around a couple times and as usual found myself at Matt and Susan's table. lol. I got a beautiful little tang girl from them and then I realized Teresa was beside my table and once I checked out her girls I narrowed it down to two, man that was a hard decistion but I ended up picking the girl that stood out to me first. I also got a stripe leo in a trade, and I got a male fattie from Ryan.

Tell me what I did wrong? I sold about $300 worth of animals (remember I only had normal leos. lol) and I spent about $450. That includes gas, table and food expenses.
Oh, never mind, I just realized what I did wrong.... I LEFT MY TABLE! lol.
So, thanks for the supplies Grant! For the fattie Ryan, For the tang HQ, for the Hypo Teresa,
and Scotty you got my in trouble with my daughter! She saw my shirt and wanted to know where her's was. lol.
Guess I'll have to figure out what she wears for the next show. It was nice meeting you and everyone else at the show.

Oh, ya, and I was supposed to pick up some butter worms but I was too slow and missed it. My bad. Sorry Rob, guess I'll pick them up before the show starts next time, unless we get lost again and just make it in time to set up again. lol
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