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You are treating this like this person is moving to say Ohio.

There if they made herps illegal, I AGREE WITH YOU! Its not their right to take away OUR rights! If they tried to take them away where I live, still agree with you! No way!

but when something can so OBVIOUSLY hurt the surrounding enviroment you don't care as long as your personal rights are in place? Its NOT about that in Hawaii man! Its about it being the perfect enviroment for non-native species to live! Can't you understand that the whole "no one is taking my herps away from me" doesn't have ANYTHING to do with Hawaii? Its about being REPSONSIBLE for the enviroment around you. It has NOTHING to do with reptiles being bad pets, being illegal because the government sucks or anything like that. Reptiles could DESTROY hawaii's enviroment.ecosystem! If all you care about is yourself and would insist on possible adding to an already bad problem in Hawaii then that's on you. But I don't think ANY responsible nature love, or herper would do such a thing, thinkign they are standing up for their "rights" when clearly they could help destroy a beautiful delicate ecosystem.

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