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You have the right to persue happiness, how ever actually getting happiness is not garanteed. And your right to persue happiness will interfere with other peoples right to persue happiness by damaging the enviroment around them. As for god given rights, in the bible it says that slaves are fine, does that mean I can start keeping slaves? Lets seperate the church and state as your gods kingdom is not of this world, and we no longer live in the garden of eden.

As for asexual reproduction, reptiles magazine reported earlier this year about the case of the burmese python. I think they could tell the difference between sperm retention and asexual reproduction.

Here is a list of prohibited animals in hawaii. It doesn't list all reptiles, just some.

As for the number of animals required, you don't need many. 90 years ago 17 mongoose were introduced into Okinawa as a measure against the mice, rats and the habu. Now there are estimated to be 10,000 and the mongoose is now threatening the exctinction of many native species. Okinawa isn't the only place that has foolishly imported mongoose. Hawaii and Jamaca have both had mongooses imported and it has been directly responsible for the EXTINCTION of 31 species on the 2 islands combined. I think Hawaii has these laws due to unfortunate experience. And mamals aren't the only problem, right now Guam is having problems with both habu and brown tree snakes overunning the island. It's one thing if the animals make it there on their own, it's another if they were helped by man to get there.

Here's the penalty for importing into hawaii. the final little bit at the end could keep you broke forever.
Any person or company who violates Chapter 150A, Hawaii Revised Statutes, or rules adopted under this chapter, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and subject to fines ranging from $100-$25,000 and/or one year in jail, and costs for recapturing, eradicating, or controlling the pest.
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