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Leaving the community soon.

Hello everyone,

Due to the losses we took at this last show, we have made some very big decisions, and have decided that we can't afford to keep this up. Because of this we are going to be selling off all our stock between now and the September show, except for the few herps that we are using in our educational shows.

Besides the shows the only things they we will be selling are hatchlings from our show animals, if we breed them, and custom made enclosures.

We have also decided that unless we receive a non-refundable 25% deposit, we will not hold, or bring anything ordered to the shows. We will still have a few unordered herps there, but they will be few and far between.

I will be posting everything that we have for sale on our website within the next two weeks, as well as samples of the various enclosures that will be available.

Our site will be down until the new one goes up, but if you want anything email me and I'll replay asap.

Thanks for the fun while it lasted.
Renée and Eric
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