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Lisa & Marisa, I donít want to come across as degrading or insulting to you. I am sure you are both very nice ladies, but we are on complete opposite ends of this issue. I believe we have the God given right to keep animals. My basis, the bible. In Genesis God gave Adam dominion over the animals. Legally I do not think this principle has an end, but morally I think it ends at the useless slaughter of animals. I also think we have a constitutional right to keep snakes. We are guaranteed the pursuit of happiness. My right to pursue happiness stops only when it begins to interfere with anotherís pursuit of happiness. Now, if a state or local government makes a law that contradicts Godís law and/or the constitution, then I have no problem ignoring such a law. Also I think HI is being quite hypocritical. The importation of lumper is bringing in more problem species then private keepers would in 50 years. They are not stopping the lumper??? The state should institute a system for herps just as FL has done for venomous. Make the keepers be accountable. If they would do that, I would have no problem telling this lady to follow the law. Since they decided to outlaw keeping, sure I say do it anyway. I know I would. Call it irresponsible or any other dispersion you like, itís irresponsible of the HI government to over step their bounds.

There have been no cases of asexual reproduction. They are cases of sperm retention. The female can retain the sperm until she feels the conditions are acceptable to produce. A female Timber Rattlesnake was collected in MO in 1995 and housed by herself at all times while at the nature center and produced a littler in 2001.

You can not compare the problem in Australia to this situation. Those animals were brought in and released there hoping they would populate. If Jncoclub was planning to buy 1000 female burms and 200 males and turn them loose in HI, I would tell her that is a bad idea.

Your nature shows and the HI officials, they will quickly blame keeper and the pet trade cause they are not in bed with them. They are taking huge contributions from the lumper industry and will not say or do anything to effect that.

How the quote should read: ďI think there should be a lot of concern, but I have been bought off, so I will blame everything on private keepers cause they are easy targets and refuse to pay me.Ē
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