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My evidence? Have you not seen the countless shows in nature channels talking with Hawaii officals about this? I believe specifically the vieled chams were MAN introduced. And are now become a "possible" problem for native species.

There are, like Lisa mentioned, COUNTLESS other examples around the globe where man introduced species have wiped out native ones. All because someone imported them illegally. Sure some "drift" through as you mention but many are released and escape.

I am 100% positive she would take EVERY measure to make sure her snakes did not escape, but as well all know even escape proof cages have been escaped from. And we aren't talking about a Canadian climate here, Hawaiis climate is preferable, and tolerable to many many species that are not natives there. This is *exactly* the reason Hawaii has such strict laws.

I am including some links: - Talks about the Cham problem in Maui, four have been found as of this article and they are fairly sure there are more, and sure they are escaped pets.

Qoute from article: "'I think there should be a lot of concern,'' Duvall said. ''It could spread over large areas of the island and have a very large biological impact.'" Another article talking about a problem with geckos....and a qoute=
"The giant day gecko is the 30th species of alien reptile or amphibian to become established in Hawaii," said Kraus. "Like most recent reptile introductions, it came via the illegal pet trade."

There are hundreds more articles just like this one. Loud and clear the reason NOT to sneak things in Hawaii and break the law if you ask me.

P.S. I would also liek to add: this is not just about the law being wrong, this is a VERY sensitive area (hawaii) If Ontario say made snakes illegal to own, you better believe I may in fact ignore the law because I know I am not even close to being able to hurt Ontario ecosystems, but in Hawaii a person must realize its not about the government being jerks, its about the possibility of this wonderful place being devastated ecologically.
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