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Although some hybrids are fantastic looking animals, as Colonel SB stated, once a species is hybridized, then the genetic pool is contaminated for life. It doesn't matter whether or not you choose to release them into the wild, you have still contaminated both species. They will no longer be pure. As time goes on, they may be bred with one of the species so the babies only contain a little bit of the wrong blood, but look nearly pure. Down the road those little baby snakes may get sold as being pure and incorporated into someone elses breeding program for pure animals, and they would have no way of knowing, then out into the world go a bunch more crossbreeds being sold as pure. Due to crossbreeding, now many species and subspecies are no longer pure, such as Indian Pythons, Burmese, and Hog Isle boas. The red wolf is now completely extinct in its pure form due to hybridization.
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