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I feel like its more than just "oh smuugle them in"

By bringing in exotic pets, Hawaiis natural eco-system and its native species could be ruined. I feel it would be irresponsible for someone to bring in a snake to Hawaii for this reason. Also, if your snake needs vet attention what do you do? Either a. dont take it because the vet will tell on you and tell authorities you have illegal herps or B. you'll have to go to shady vets who WONT tell on you, but being shady I can't imagine wanting that care for my snakes.

The more "underground" keepers there are there, the worse. As I mentioned these "underground" people have already let loose (on accident or however!) Green Iguanas and Chams which could both have a severe impact on Hawaii. It's not a matter of the law being wrong, its a matter of Hawaii being a very comfy place to call home for some herps due to the climate, and then taking over from the native species.

I really hope you can find great homes for them here, in the mainland where they are both legal, and less likely to escape and cause havoc in the eco system.

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