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I would love to sneak one in, but I would hate to have to hide it all the time. I like taking them out and handling them; I wouldn’t want to have to feel like I am harboring a convict from the state. I wonder how they would look going through the x-ray machine? I’m the type of person who would totally get caught doing that- it’s all part of my luck, or the lack there of. Taking them with is not an option. Hoping that my FL friends will hang onto them or suggest good homes is the right way to go. I will contact them this week and hope that I receive good news. Invictus put it well:
Originally posted by Invictus
There is a lot to be said for starting over again. You'll never replace them, but you'll always have room in your heart for new ones. That's just my 2 cents.
I just found homes for my 4 snake ladies: ball python, colombian boa, hogg isle boa, and a burmese. *sniff* How I miss them so...

How do I set my laser printer to 'stun'?
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