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I told myself I wouldn't leave my table.............with the up coming move this weekend I am TRYING to save money for new stuff for the house.
I messed that all up, when I decided to wander over to Donalds Dragons table.......saw a little red beardie I had to have and had to run back to my table for money. Thanks Jan and Paul!!! :P Great people! So sad that they are breaking up there AMAZING collection of Breadred Dragons and leaving the guys better still come to all the shows!!!
THEN....up to my table stroles a guy I sold a hatchling Beardie to last spring. It was beautiful light yellow! It was SO great to see one of my babys all grown up and so pretty! What does he do???....he offers to sell it to me. What did I do????? Hmmmm......
Plus...I already had a trade lined up for after the show, for another Beardie. Which went well and I am VERY happy
I came home with 3 breadies....Will I ever learn.......NOPE!!! LOL :P
All in all it was a great day. Had alot of fun and got to meet some great people!
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