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I'd say the Toronto area is pretty good, but, as people said, it depends on what you want to keep. Municipal by-laws can be a pain in the butt. However, from what i've heard, they are only enforced if there is a complaint (correct me if im wrong here).

What about Niagara? I dont know what their herp restrictions are there. I think of this because isn't Dragon Farms located there? Also, wouldn't it be easier to get to some of the herp shows in the north eastern US ? (not bringing anything back of course

my $0.02.. where i live currently, there are NO restrictions. However, next week when Jess and I move, all our pythons will be on the "no no" list. BUT, what our landlord doesn''t know wont hurt her. I am not condoning breaking by laws BTW.

Regardless of where you end up, Good luck on your search.

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