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I have a Prehensile tailed skink that had snake mites GALORE when I got her.
I did not want to use any chemilcal means to treat the mites, so I used the "old fashioned method". I soaked her in a warm bath on a daily basis, and when she was done in there, I coated her body and head (very carefully avoiding her eyes!) with vegetable oil. I rubbed it one her in the direction of growth of her scales...then rubbed it against the growth of her scales, thus forcing some underneath. I did this daily for about a week....and each day washed out her enclosure with HOT soapy water....then rinsed well, and dried it out with papertowels.
I used an old towel as her substrate, so I could toss that into a hot water wash as well, to kill any stray mites.
Her hide was made out of cardboard...again...disposable.
DILEGENCE is the matter what method you choose!
But I have no complaints with the method I used...and would use it again IF I ever need to.
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