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If you want something you can handle, leopard geckos and fat tailed geckos are hardy (with proper care) and become quite tame. Bearded dragons are great but an adult would find it a little narrow being only 12" wide. Corn snakes would also be a good bet and they come in many different color morphs. It would also make a terrific planted terrarium. Already having the tank is a good start but depending on what you decide on there will be additional expenses such as heat lights, full spectrum UV bulbs, possibly an under tank heater, etc. That brings up another point, I think under tank heaters would be OK with an acrylic tank but I"m not positive. Does anyone have any info on that? The most important thing is to do lots of research. Read books, visit web sites, and find a good pet store with clean enclosures and knowledgable staff. Hope this helps. Have fun deciding:-)
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