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I've never heard of a breeding license either, but it might be worth it to check out your local laws surrounding this.
some city have ordances on keep certin exotic anamals due to some insedents from past years the kid in colorado for example (for those of you who have never heard of that a 15 boy who was 4'11 was killed and 1/2 eaten by a pet burmese python who was alowd to free-roam). so my getting a breeders licence you are able to give the city a bit of money so you can keep and/or breed anamals in your home. i dont know alot about it but i know i am getting one soon because where i live my pets are illegal (even though the local pet stores sell them and i talked to the lady at the city anamal shelter and she said as long as you dont get complants the city wont take action)
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