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Had to go to the SPCA yesterday

I had to go the surrey and abbotsford spca yesterday My sisters cat went missing (gone for a week) they apperently closed down the langley one because of some political Junk now both surrey and abbostford are overloaded with animals

Anyways the nutty cat went missing and yes its crazy its very calm and nice to people it will sit on your lap and lick you but it is a Strait up HUNTER it has caught wild rabbits equal to the size of it and Eaten them leaving nothing but the bones. It catches birds rats, mice, shews, gophers, squirels basicly anything smaller then it. It probley goes for snakes too but I have never seen it with one

Well I didnt find the cat it probley got hit by a car or something

And I wanted to save this rottie X pitbull but then I realized we already have 3 dog the max allowed and it could probley eat them there only skipperkeys (sp?) little yappy black dogs with a fox face.

Does anyone know why the langley spca was shut down?
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