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WHEE....rats gone wild on speed and pot

Doped-up rats in the ranks
By Kay Dibben
July 6, 2003

RATS high on drugs have been running wild in the ceiling of a police station after munching on speed and pot exhibits.

Rodents infesting the Caboolture station, north of Brisbane, have chewed through bags containing amphetamines and cannabis, and their urine has been found dripping down walls.

Queensland Police Union general secretary Phil Hocken said the "green leafy material nurtured by druggies" had become a meal for the rodents, and rats had been seen with "their eyes wide open, running frantically for no reason at all, round in circles".

Mr Hocken said traps had been laid to catch the rats and the drugs were now kept in sealed containers, but there were still vermin problems at the station.

"You shouldn't have to work in those conditions not in 2003," he said.

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