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I *think* this is all of them.......

Mr Poopypants (Guyanan BCC)
Satabria (Guyanan BCC)
Sweetness (Mexican Rosy Boa)
Nauthiz (BRB)
Tagz (BRB)
Slowpoke (Jamaican Boa)
Peanut (Hog Isle)
Marvin (Ball Python)
Poe (Ball Python)
Tali (Ball Python)
Iggy (Iguana)
Bugs (ETB)
Chasey (Colombian BCI)
Darky (Borneo STP)
Tasha (Borneo STP)
Pockets (Leo)
Spider (Leo)
Ollie (leo)
Slimer & Gozer (Snails)
Pedis (Millipede- Fire)
Little *******/Putin (Cat)
Charlie & Elliott (longhaired JRT's - came with their names)
Polly (English setter)
Liberty "Pooci" & Zoe (horses)
Niblet (Pony)
Winky (Rat)
Toid & Spux (My foundation Spiny mice breeders)

Those are just the ones that I have named, have trouble with that, still have too many more names to come up with
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